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Garl's Coastal Kayaking

Garl's Coastal Kayaking

A short drive away from the resort is one of the most beautiful things about Florida. The Everglades National Park. It's full of wildlife, such as alligators, turtles, lizards, and an extensive list of different kinds of birds all nestled under Cypress trees. And the best way to witness its Majestic scenery is through tours provided by Garl's Coastal Kayaking.
Garl's Coastal Kayaking has been offering the best kayaking in Everglades National Park for over 20 years. If you're the adventurous type then you'll enjoy an Everglades kayak tour. Garl's covers everything from hikes, freshwater paddles, and saltwater paddles tours.

Their expert guides will take you on an adventurous hike through the cypress trees in the renowned "domes" of dwarf and bald cypress'. Enjoy the wildflowers and visit the "Gator Hole" where you can watch alligators hatching.

Don't worry, safety is their chief concern. The wildlife and scenery are what makes the experience so unique! Their guides are trained naturalists and biologists and are very knowledgeable of the back country. They'll make sure you have a fun and safe experience.
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You can also relax as you drift through tunnels of arching mangroves and out in the shallow flats of needlers and periphyton. Part of this whimsical experience is getting the chance to watch the alligators sunbathing on the banks during the dry season.
It doesn't stop there. If you're interested in bird watching, saltwater paddling is a great way to do it. Paddle in the Florida Bay and enjoy watching the birds wading on the calm waters and flying overhead. You also might get a chance to see bottle nose dolphins and lemon sharks.

Wildlife and weather will vary throughout the seasons so be sure to visit the website get to prepare for a fun-filled adventure

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